Pork Ramen

It does feel odd posting a recipe for ramen on a website devoted to teaching someone how to cook better food than ramen, mac and cheese and spaghetti for college meals. But make no mistake, this is far from instant ramen. This is my go-to meal when I’m cooking for just me or if someone […]

My youngest believes there is a difference between ranch dressing and the ranch dipping sauce they give you in a little cup when you go out to eat. I tell him that the difference is that one is either watered down or made from a packet while the other comes straight out of a pump […]

Look right below this recipe for the Homemade Char Siu Pork recipe. You’ll want to make that a day or two before so you can hopefully have some leftovers to use for the pork in this fried rice. I used peel and eat shrimp cut in half and the pre-cooked chicken breasts from the deli […]

I found this recipe after watching The Dumpling Sisters on You Tube. My pork didn’t look quite like their’s did and it didn’t seem to be as crispy on the outside. I think my oven wasn’t hot enough or the meat wasn’t close enough to the broiler at the broiler step. The chunks sit pretty […]

A fun and simple recipe that I picked up at my knife skills class. This came with the section where we learned how to cut a mango. Take a little off the top and bottom so that it will sit level on the cutting board top to bottom. Then take your knife at the top […]

A creative way to enjoy eggs, hash browns and bacon…and cheese. There has to be some cheese.  Ingredients 3 Cups shredded hash browns, thawed and drained 3 Tablespoons butter, melted 3 Large eggs, beaten 1/2 Cup half and half 1/2 Cup milk (I used whole milk) 1/2 Cup of bacon, cooked and crumbled (I used […]

Radishes, turnips and parsnips are veggies I’ve gazed at on the grocery shelves since I was a kid. However, I never really made an effort to eat them, even though I read a lot about how good they are for me. Perhaps this will be my first foray into radish-land. Makes 2.5 cups INGREDIENTS 2 […]

I consider the BLT the Groundhog of Summer. The earlier this sandwich comes out and fails to see its shadow the faster summer can begin.  Now the Food Network has come up with a pasta salad version. Sheer genius! Serves 4. Ingredients 12 ounces corkscrew-shaped pasta 1/2 cup milk 12 ounces lean bacon 3 medium […]

This open-faced sandwich of sorts reminded me of an earlier trip down this lane where my wife and I chowed down on open-faced Brie, apple and arugula sandwiches. Recipe is here.  Similar concept with this offering, but with different ingredients. I bet you could also make this on the grill during the summer if you don’t want […]

These came highly recommended by one of my co-workers named Erin. I quickly made them for dinner tonight and we dove in. They are really tasty and the basil mayo adds a nice touch. Only now do I realize that I forgot the cheese. They still tasted pretty good. The recipe seems to have left out […]