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VIDEO/TIPS: Smoking Brisket

It is summer and what better excuse to fire up the smoker for several hours than to share some soft tender brisket with your friends when you’re done? This effort comes by way of Jeff’s Smoking Meat website. I also tried his ham recipe listed on this site for Easter and it was simple and […]

VIDEO: Phineas and Ferb Get Cooking

I was showing Tom the blog/cookbook I’m making for him and we were talking about posting video. This episode of our favorite cartoon characters features Phineas and Ferb opening a restaurant named after their pet Perry.

VIDEO: Rack of Lamb/Easter Menu

While this video is part of Gordon Ramsey’s BBC  “The F-word” cooking show I watched the video and he keeps it G-rated. I posted the recipe and the other items for a full Easter menu below. Note: The chicken stock listing is weird because one liter doesn’t equal a nice clean amount in cups or […]