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Basic BBQ Rub Recipe

Happy holidays, friends. This is a great rub recipe that offers a lot of options. First it makes the CollegeCookBook because you don’t need lots of ingredients. You just need to have the same measuring spoon or cup. So you can make a little or a lot. Just be consistent. It also allows you to […]

“If It Were More Meaty It Would Wear Flannel” Chili

Our church holds a chili dinner once a year. I’ve been dying to get the smoker out a few more times before it snows and this seemed like a great opportunity. I’m using a Texas chili recipe I found online and improvising a little due to the fact that the Davis Rib Rub (posted here, scroll down) is […]

Brewburger’s – Old Fashioned

On the way home from church I was thinking about the upcoming chili night. We do it every Sunday in October when the local 10k shuts down the road in front of the church. I’ve made Wilderness Chili before with my mom’s recipe and some deer meat. Now I’m thinking I need to make a […]

Pulled Pork Shoulder with Vinegar BBQ Sauce & Slaw

If you don’t have a smoker this recipe is a reason why you need to buy one. Or at least figure out how to use your grill and a smoke box to give this a whirl. Plus it helps you figure out how to cook it for a small group or half the neighborhood. I […]

VIDEO/TIPS: Smoking Brisket

It is summer and what better excuse to fire up the smoker for several hours than to share some soft tender brisket with your friends when you’re done? This effort comes by way of Jeff’s Smoking Meat website. I also tried his ham recipe listed on this site for Easter and it was simple and […]

VIDEO: Smoked Ham for Easter

I wanted to give it a try and post some video to the blog. I read a lot of Jeff’s posts on his website: I’m thinking this will make for a great Easter meal and make my wife happy because she loves ham for the holidays.

Spicy Apricot Wings

I love this recipe mostly for the picture that comes with it. I’m drooling here. Also the recipe comes from a magazine that somehow manages to cram together two topic areas that I didn’t think could possibly go together: Garden and Gun Magazine. Serves: 4 to 6 Cooking Method: indirect heat Suggested Wood: hickory, apricot, […]

Chapter 5: When are you done?

Chapter 5 and the final chapter in Jeff’s online smoking class. Go to for more info. The Actual Process & When is it Done? Now that you know how to select the meat, how to build a good fire and control the temperature, how to use rubs, marinades and sauces to kick up the […]

Chapter 4: Smoking Equipment and Supplies

Chapter 4 from Jeff. Two in one day. I’m a little behind.  Smoked 8 racks of ribs yesterday. The house still reeks of smoke. Yum.  From: Smoking Equipment and Supplies Today we are going to talk about equipment.. things that you will need in order to get the most our of this experience. As […]

Chapter 3: Improving flavor with rubs and sauces

Chapter three of five from Jeff’s online smoking/grilling class.  From: email course.  See also Grandma Pat’s rib rub on this blog. Chapter Three Improving the Flavor with Rubs, Sauces, Etc. Smoking meat is a little more involved than just placing meat in a smoker and letting it go. The process and preparation of getting […]