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Radish Pesto

Radishes, turnips and parsnips are veggies I’ve gazed at on the grocery shelves since I was a kid. However, I never really made an effort to eat them, even though I read a lot about how good they are for me. Perhaps this will be my first foray into radish-land. Makes 2.5 cups INGREDIENTS 2 […]

BLT Pasta Salad

I consider the BLT the Groundhog of Summer. The earlier this sandwich comes out and fails to see its shadow the faster summer can begin.  Now the Food Network has come up with a pasta salad version. Sheer genius! Serves 4. Ingredients 12 ounces corkscrew-shaped pasta 1/2 cup milk 12 ounces lean bacon 3 medium […]

Pear Bruschetta with Goat Cheese, Honey and Almonds

This open-faced sandwich of sorts reminded me of an earlier trip down this lane where my wife and I chowed down on open-faced Brie, apple and arugula sandwiches. Recipe is here.  Similar concept with this offering, but with different ingredients. I bet you could also make this on the grill during the summer if you don’t want […]

Portobello Burgers with Mozzarella and Basil

These came highly recommended by one of my co-workers named Erin. I quickly made them for dinner tonight and we dove in. They are really tasty and the basil mayo adds a nice touch. Only now do I realize that I forgot the cheese. They still tasted pretty good. The recipe seems to have left out […]

Crab Cake BLTs

Crab cakes and salmon patties are some of my “go to” items when I’m cooking in a hurry. The BLT is also a “go to” summer sandwich. It has a meaty texture from the bacon and the light summer taste of fresh tomatoes and crunchy lettuce.  This recipe puts it all together.  Ingredients ¼ c […]

Chipolte’s Basmati Rice

I’m a fan of everything about Chipolte…except their tortillas. In my humble opinion they tear too easily and then it stops being a burrito and becomes a pile of rice and meat. When that happens this rice tends to save the day.  Chipotle’s Basmati Rice Recipe Ingredients: 1 teaspoon vegetable oil or butter 2 tsp. […]

Open-Face Brie, Apple, and Arugula Sandwiches

This is one of those recipes that when you read it you wonder why you didn’t think of putting it all together yourself.  It uses some simple ingredients and comes together in a hurry. Plus I think it also opens your mind to interpretation and improvisation. Pears? Different cheese? Hummus instead of mustard?  I ate […]

Sweet Onion Bisque

This feels like a great recipe if all you have are onions, cream and butter…of course the onions need to be Vidalia onions and the some grilled brie sandwiches don’t hurt either. This is also something you can’t just throw together as it takes at least 5 hours.  Makes 6 servings Ingredients 4 sweet onions, […]

Chicken Parmesan Burgers

When the kids say, “Add this one to the cookbook, Dad” I know we have a winner.   I made the patties a tad too thick using a hamburger patty mold. Keep them thinner than a regular hamburger. I made them so thick I worried I would either burn them waiting for them to finish […]

Bleu Cheese Bread

When I first made it I thought I had made too much butter as I had a few tablespoons left. After pulling it out of the oven and cutting the loaf into pieces I found that some slices barely had any bleu-cheese butter on them. So if after you slather the bread with the bleu […]