Pear Bruschetta with Goat Cheese, Honey and Almonds

This open-faced sandwich of sorts reminded me of an earlier trip down this lane where my wife and I chowed down on open-faced Brie, apple and arugula sandwiches. Recipe is here.  Similar concept with this offering, but with different ingredients. I bet you could also make this on the grill during the summer if you don’t want to heat the house up. Just make sure you’ve cleaned the grates thoroughly.

It is also a recipe that really stretches a few ingredients. It isn’t like you need to buy a pile of pears or cheese to make this one come to life. Any ideas on different cheeses to use with this one?


8 slices crusty bread of your choice, toasted lightly

2 ounces Goat Cheese

1 Pear or Apple, sliced

1-2 tablespoons Honey

2 tablespoons sliced Almonds, toasted


Lightly toast slices of bread in 350 degree oven for 5-6 minutes.

Spread each piece of bread with a thin layer of goat cheese. Fan 4-5 slices of pear over the goat cheese and drizzle with honey. Sprinkle the top of each with the sliced almonds.

From: The Fifth Tine 


One comment

  1. this looks fab. chevre paired with honey is one of my faves. i think other soft cheeses like st. andre, riopelle or camembert would work great with this recipe as well.

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