Oreo Mint Death Cake

For the record: I’m not a fan of the name of this dish.

I’d go with something simple like Oreo Mint Ice Cream Cake. But the kids came up with it after watching an episode of Dinner Impossible with me. Guy Fieri beat host Robert Irvine and we thought this dish was the one that made it happen.

If you follow the link at the bottom to Guy’s recipe–which I didn’t even know existed—his is a touch more minty than ours.



Mint chocolate chip ice cream, maybe a quart.

Oreos. At least one package. Maybe two.



Take a 9×13 pan and line it with Oreos. Depending on how many Oreos I eat while making this I will also take a handful or two of the cookies and crush them. Then I use the crumbs to fill in the gaps between the cookie crust.

Take the ice cream and get it out of the container. I will often lightly nuke it in the microwave to soften it up. Just be careful not to melt it into goo in the microwave. Take a wooden spoon or a firm spatula and spread the ice cream over the cookies in a thick layer.

Crumble some more Oreos to give it a cookie topping, cover pan with foil and freeze. You may need to let it warm a little to make it a touch easier to get it out of the pan. Cut and serve.

I’ve yet to meet a kid who won’t eat it all and ask for seconds.

Inspired by: Guy Fieri’s winning “Breath Mint Pie


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