Crab Rangoon

I’ve always looked for a recipe for crab Rangoon recipes.  It doesn’t say how many it serves. But I imagine you could make quite a lot. Don’t overfill the Rangoon or else the stuffing will come spilling out into your oil. The cook suggests Crisco. I hope she meant the oil and not the shortening. Any other oil for frying will do.  She also uses a Fry-Daddy. Your electric skillet will work just fine.


1 package whipped cream cheese

1 bunch scallions (finely chopped) – optional

1 can crab meat (small tuna size can)

1 package small wonton wrappers (or cut egg roll size in to 1/4’s)

Deep- fryer



Bring cream cheese to room-temperature for easier mixing. Drain crab meat. Combine cream cheese with the scallions and crab meat.

Wrap small amount of cream cheese mixture in wonton wrapper (like you get them at the restaurant).

Heat oil to deep-frying temperature (I use a Fry Daddy); deep fry until they “float” or until golden brown. Remove. Drain. Serve.


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