Tofu Donuts

These are apparently pretty popular in Japan. Tofu or no tofu I think anything you fry and dip in chocolate can’t be all that bad. Maybe the tofu makes them a little guiltless? Like those bean brownies the lady at Weight Watchers told me about.

1 pkg (150g) Morinaga Hot Cake Mix 

150g med. firm (momen) tofu

2 tsp sugar

oil for deep frying (new oil is better—I used brown rice oil)

Mash tofu with your fingers or pass the tofu through a sieve and into a medium bowl. Add the sugar and cake mix to the tofu and quickly mix well with a rubber spatula. It may look dry at first, but after mixing it’ll be fine.

Shape the dough as you like. I shaped them into balls, but you can also make ring donuts and donut holes. Heat oil to 300 to 320 degrees and deep fry donuts until golden brown. Drain on a paper towel-lined plate or baking sheet. Sprinkle with sugar or dip in chocolate and serve.


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