The Elvis Cupcake w/Bacon

In college we tacked a poster of The King behind the bathroom door. Elvis died in the bathroom.  It is his room. It may be the room you die in after downing a few of these bad boys.

The post begins:  “What is the Elvis cupcake you ask? I decided it should be a banana bread base, peanut butter cream cheese icing, and topped with candied bacon!

For the base of the cupcake I used a store bought banana bread mix. I know what you may be thinking, why would you use a store mix? First of all, it is very convenient. I had a party to take the cupcakes to, and was pressed for time. Secondly, I really like the way the store bought mix tastes and I get perfect results every time. If you decide to make these cupcakes, use whatever mix you like. If you have a home made recipe that you love then feel free to use that. The only important thing is to have a tasty banana bread as the base to the cupcake.

After the base is baked, it is time to create the peanut butter cream cheese icing. I did make my own icing. I am a big believer in home made icing with store mix cake. It does not take very long, and really I can tell more of a difference in home made icing vs. store icing as opposed to home made cake vs. store mix cake. Here is the recipe for the icing.”

Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Icing

1/2 cup butter (softened)

1 cup peanut butter ( Use your favorite kind, I used organic kind that is freshly ground at the store)

2 cup powdered sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 80z package of cream cheese

Makes enough for 18-24 cupcakes, depending on how heavily you ice your cupcakes.

To make the icing, cream together in a bowl (or mix in a mixer) the butter, peanut butter, and cream cheese. Once these ingredients have been thoroughly mixed together, add the powdered sugar. You should add the powdered sugar 1/2 cup at a time. After adding the 1/2 cup keep mixing until the powdered sugar has been incorporated. Repeat until all the sugar is gone. Finally, add the vanilla. Mix until the vanilla is incorporated into the icing. Go ahead and take a taste. Isn’t it good?

The final ingredient is to garnish with a strip of candied bacon.

ou will need:

-Thick cut Bacon -in the pictures I used 6 pieces, but really you can use as much as you would like.

Light brown sugar – 1/2 a cup was more than enough to cover 6 pieces so you can use that as a reference for how many pieces you are making

– Baking sheet and non stick baking surface – I used parchment paper, but you can also use a silicone baking sheet such as silpat or any other kind you choose. The non stick baking surface will make clean up much easier.

To make the candied bacon you will need to:

1 Preheat your oven to 325 degrees F

2 Take your bacon strips and pat them down with brown sugar. I have found that if you spread out your brown sugar on a plate it is easy to press the bacon into the sugar so that sugar adheres to the bacon. Make sure you coat both sides of the bacon. In the pictures, I have shown about how much sugar you want on your bacon.

3 Place your brown sugar covered bacon onto your baking sheet with non stick baking surface. You want to make sure the bacon is stretched out and not on top of any other pieces. The sugar will melt onto the pan, so you want to leave some space between strips.

4 Put the baking sheet with non stick surface and bacon into the 325 degree F oven for 15-20 minutes. Time will vary depending on the size and amount of bacon used and your oven. Mine took about 18 minutes, but yours my vary.  It is done when there is a nice golden brown color on the bacon and sugar next to the bacon. Sugar that has run off onto the sides will burn a little on the edges, but that is alright. If the sugar on the bacon starts to burn then remove the bacon. If you smell burning sugar then it is definitely time to remove the bacon.

5 When done, remove the pan form the oven and let the bacon cool on the pan for 10minutes.

This is actually two posts that I combined. The first on has a link at the bottom to the second one.



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