One Gouda Sandwich

This is one luxurious grilled-cheese sandwich. With the onions and the tomatoes and the mustard I thought for a moment I was eating a cheese-pork tenderloin sandwich.

You can easily make these in a skillet. We gave them a whirl on a pancake griddle smeared with olive oil.


You’ll need a few tomatoes and an onion or two. You’ll need to make really thin slices with either a mandolin or a knife. You want the slices to break apart when you sink your teeth into this sandwich. No one likes a sandwich so chunky that you pull all of the guts out of it when you take a bite.

If you use the mandolin be VERY careful. Mandolin is Italian for “freakishly sharp piece of razor-thin metal.”  

Here’s a rough idea of what you need to get them started.

2 tomato slices per sandwich.

2 onion slices per sandwich

2 Gouda slices per sandwich ( I bought a block of cheese and took it to the deli guy to get him to slice it.)

2 pieces of bread per sandwich–duh?

2 tbsp olive oil for the griddle or pan.

Mustard dipping sauce made from equal parts sour cream and honey Dijon mustard. We used 2 tbs of each for four sandwiches.

Stack in order of bread, cheese, onions, tomatoes, cheese and bread.  We were eating veggie this week. But imagine adding a few pieces of bacon to these?


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