Waffle Iron Egg Sandwich?

I post this mostly for the MacGyver skills it must take to fry an egg on a waffle-maker.

After a trip to the store the cheese for this recipe could set you back a few bucks. I imagine you could substitute just about any other cheese and it would taste great. I know this is the second Croque Madame sandwich I’ve posted in the infancy of this blog. I could eat eggs and cheese for every meal if I had the chance and the heart medicine.

Makes one incredibly rich open-face sandwich   


* Croissant dough from recipe of your choosing. I don’t see why you couldn’t use packaged dough from a tube. You’d probably just have to cut it into squares instead of triangles.

* About a quarter cup of bechamel

* 2 slices of ham

* Gruyere cheese, grated

* Egg


1. Waffle the croissant dough on a well-buttered waffle iron until golden brown. You may wish to remove the waffled croissant from the waffle iron before proceeding.

2. Pour the bechamel sauce onto the waffle, and then layer the ham on top. Sprinkle grated gruyere on top. Place the assembled stack in the waffle iron and close the lid for about 10 seconds to melt the cheese and marry the layers.

3. Waffle an egg on a well-buttered section of the waffle iron, without closing the lid. Cook until the white has set and then continue to cook for a minute or two. An offset spatula and patience are useful in removing the egg.

4. Top the sandwich with the egg and serve.

From: http://www.waffleizer.com/waffleizer/2010/02/waffled-croque-madame.html

One comment

  1. I just blended 3 eggs and threw them on like waffle batter. it spilled a little, but came out with a nice little waffled omlet 🙂

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